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BPMBuild has been developed to address a need in the market for an Enterprise Business Process Management Platform that can be tailored to growing businesses quickly, cost effectively and fully adaptable to the needs of the business both now and in the future
Our suite of apps, portfolio of clients and fantastic team highlights the robustness of the platform and our dedication to delivering positive returns to businesses across all sectors

BPM (Business Process Management) is a phrase that has been around for many years. Until recently it was generally associated with large corporates and involved sizeable budgets and resources to implement properly. SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises) have struggled to implement BPM solutions effectively despite the proven benefits that an effective Business Process Management System can deliver.

BPMBuild was established in 2016 to address this challenge. We have successfully developed a repeatable BPM methodology and a BPM technology platform which delivers results for SME’s. The inclusion of mobile and cloud technologies within the BPMBuild platform has played a large part in realising this success.

To date the majority of our clients operate within the Built Environment supply chain. Everything from construction companies to subcontract suppliers of windows, doors, kitchens and specialist joinery. We continue to broaden our client base and have also worked with several facilities managements organisations operating within the aerospace and engineering sectors.

Our approach with all our client companies is similar – working alongside the client team we use our BPMBuild tool set to map out the current and improved processes and quickly build, test and iterate the new improved processes on the BPMBuild platform.




Ryan Farren, CEO