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Lean driven technology based in the cloud. Access anywhere

Order Management
Track your orders throughout your business and various locations. Implement paperless quality management systems to maximise customer service and end product quality
Inventory Management
Streamline your goods receipt and despatch processes. Keep track of stock levels with a seamless integration into your Order Management interface
Production Management
Scheduling production and visualise all items on the production line using Kanban practices. Prioritise Orders where necessary and respond to production issues in real time from anywhere in the world.

Manage simple and complex BOM’s, Workflows, Routings and Processes

BOM Management
Export BOM of orders and automate order invoicing
PDF Package
Don’t feel limited to standard outputs and documents. We can tailor any documents that you require.
We can customise the information you need out of the BPMBuild Platform to make business decisions and optimise product costings.

Shorten Lead Time, Identify Bottlenecks in real time and deliver better products to your customers

Streamline delivery drivers and load management. Automate despatch and delivery docket creation and capture signatures/barcodes using mobile technologies
Customer Portals
Allow customers easy access to ordering wizards and order tracking facilities. Combine this with dispute resolution facilities and show your customer that your business revolves around them
Supplier Management
Manage supplier onboarding and automated ordering for low stock levels. Streamline your entire supply chain

Digitally Transforming Manufacturing businesses