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An end to end Operations Management Software solution for Manufacturers and Engineers.
Order Managment

  • End to End order Tracking
  • Quality management
  • Custom Documentation Creation
  • QR/Barcoding technology

Project Management

  • Collaborate with team members
  • Collate documents
  • Track project status
  • Track Transactions

Job Management

  • Job Tracking
  • Collaborate with sub-contractors
  • Quality Management
  • Store and access documentation


  • Schedule Tasks/Projects/Jobs
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Schedule Production or Sub contractors

Inventory Management

  • Goods in Processing
  • Goods Out Processing
  • Integrates into Order Management Apps
  • Stock Control
  • Mobile and Web app solutions


  • Manage Bookings
  • Track Bookings
  • Manage Shipments
  • Delivery Processing
  • Integrate into your customers systems
  • Produce legal documentation

Production Management

  • Order Scheduling
  • Kanban technology
  • Order Prioritisation
  • Manage production from anywhere

Customer Management

  • Manage customers, Multiple locations, buildings and areas
  • Store documentation
  • Customer facing Portals for easy access to tracking, invoicing or complaint processing

Supplier Management

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Supplier documentation storage
  • Collaborate on Jobs or Orders

PDF Package
We can create fully customised documents to meet the output required for your business to function.
Health & Safety/Quality/Environment Management

  • Mobile app data capture
  • Design templates
  • Flag up and follow up on issues
  • Custom PDF creation

Finance Management

  • Automatic invoice processing
  • Store bills
  • Run Reports

All data within the system can be exported to Spreadsheets or documents where required

  • Google Cloud Print
  • Zapier (Beta)
  • Email and Mobile notifications
  • Custom integrations available

BPMBuild Benefits

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Improve end customer satisfaction
  • Improve or automate processes
  • Standardize processes across the enterprise.

Professional Solutions

  • End to End BPMBuild Implementation
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Reengineering
  • Training

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