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Along with the key stakeholders in your business we determine the value chain that your business uses to provide goods and services to your customers. We then identify processes within your value chain that could benefit from improvement


Once these processes are identified, together with your team we use the BPMBuild Orchestrator tool to map out these processes in an “As-Is” fashion. We utilise industry standard mapping frameworks that we can train your team to use


Once process maps are complete, we analyse the process to discover where processes and systems are causing repetitive tasks or bottle necks and we then recommend solutions to how these can be improved


We then build your BPMBuild solution by adapting our range of modules to tailor the system to the exact processes, needs and expectations of your business


You can utilise some of our current integrations or a custom integration if required


In a short space of time your system will be up and running. Using a combination of reports and exports from the system you can quickly see any areas for improvement and make actions if necessary

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